Dear readers,

This is the first edition of our weekly edition Silk Road Newsline. The overall aim is to get a constant news flow on the rails focusing on China’s integration, after centuries of isolation, into the world’s modern economy. Depending on response, the end goal is to issue a daily issue for subscribers, who in any way have an interest in getting continuing updates on China’s economic and other development and the impact it has on the world economy.

This includes China’s domestic productivity and the extension to which it develops its ability to bring its capital instruments, its products and its services on the global market, its monetary and financial policy which has a huge impact on global economic developments on one end. On the opposite end, there are the markets as they are functioning today, and the way they react, occasionally and structurally, on China’s entry.

These two poles with their mutual interaction is what we shall focus on, in the form of factual news and serious analytical news of constructive character, which through existing channels are hard to select and collect. We hope that readers’ massive response will stimulate us to fill a present-day gap in concentrated information feed to our existing audience.