Prices for Silkroute News 

I. Corporate Subscription

Price per month, €
Silkroute News in English language only 65

Silkroute News in Russian language only

Silkroute News  in English AND Russian languages 90


Terms of subscription

II. Individual Subscription

1 year subscription for individual - Euro 660


Kazakhstan Newsline Daily Digest

I. Corporate Subscription

Kazakhstan Newsline Prices

Uzbekistan Newsline Daily Digest 

I. Corporate Subscription

Uzbekistan Newsline Prices

Kyrgyzstan Newsline Daily Digest 

I. Corporate Subscription 

Kyrgyzstan Newsline Prices

Media Monitoring and Instant Monitoring

The prices for Media Monitoring services are calculated individually, basing on the topic(s), coverage and periodicity.

Contact us for more detailed information at or by phone +7 727 259-94-94.

Company News Service

Price, €
Creation of the article 500

Mailing the teaser article in the our Newsline daily digests:

1 time 200
2 times (bi-weekly) 300
4 times (once per week) 500

Please contact us at or by phone +7 727 259-94-94 to find out other options.

Important: members enjoy a 15% discount for the Company News service.

Translation Services

Price per page, €
Non-technical translation 22

Technical translation

Professional English language editing services 17
Urgent Translation* + 50% to the above prices

* "Urgent" entails a translation order with less than a 2-days notice

Please contact us for more information at .